Why We Are Unique

Throughout our half-century of existence, our company has been unfailingly committed to capital preservation and development.

We continue today to combine capital resources and uncommon management expertise within a global business network that retains a strong sense of community and a strong adherence to the values of integrity and teamwork.

We strive always to develop enduring franchises and apply talent, creativity, innovation and professionalism to opportunities that range across borders and business sectors in developed and emerging markets.

Faithful to the values established by our founding families long ago, we cultivate and honour long-term relationships and trust — with our management teams, our co-investors, and our partners. We believe that these relationships are central to our ongoing success and enable us to deliver principles, passion, and performance across cultures.

Why We Are Unique

Tapestry, 20th Century

Artist Unknown, The Ramses
Wissa Wassef Art Centre.
Photo credit: Werner Forman/
Art Resrouce, NY.